How to install clean copy of Windows 8.1 on OEM machine that doesn't come with activation key sticker

I just bought an HP ultrabook with Windows 8.1. I'd like to merge and format the partitions on it and install a clean copy of Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, and for the first time, I've noticed that the laptop doesn't come with the usual sticker on the bottom or certificate in the users manual. How can I do this? Please correct me if I'm wrong here:

1) Download a program like Magic Jelly Bean that may be able to show me an activation key, as opposed to the full product key listed in the System app.
2) Download the Windows 8.1 bootable USB installation software from Microsoft. I read that it will prompt me for the activation key before setting up on a USB?
3) Run the installation software and use the advanced options to format and change partitions.
4) Install Windows and everything should be activated?

Did I miss something or has someone else in a similar situation done this?
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    From what i know is that the product key gets stored in the bios of a pc with w8/8.1,because of this you can just download an iso of 8.1 to put on a dvd or bootable usb stick or lend a copy and install it.
    It should look into the bios for the key when installing and go on with it.
    A link with this info,
  2. I'll have to try that. I was able to use Magic Jelly Bean to get a hold of both the product key and the "CD key" as an alternative.
  3. So now we are not even able to create those installation discs anymore? We hve to download them? I'm definitely going for windows 7 if I go for windows at all.
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